It is up to you as far as when to convert a lead opportunity to a job. Typically, once a proposal has been signed that is a good point to convert the lead opportunity.

After you have selected the lead, select Convert to New Job to begin the process.

Creating a New Job from Scratch will convert the lead to a job with a blank slate on the production side of Buildertrend. If you have production templates in place, New Job From Template will allow you to select the template you wish to use, which gives you a head start when converting the lead. If you already have the job created, you can simply merge the lead with an existing job by selecting Choose Existing Job.

When converting a lead to a job, you can choose to update the status of the lead to Sold, as well as select a Job Type. Select Create New Job and Continue to proceed.

During the conversion, you will be able to copy information that you have captured with the lead over to the job.

You are able to include proposal information and files as well. Select Save at the top to complete the conversion process.

From the job, you have easy access to reference the lead from the View Related Lead button within your Job Details. Within the lead, you have the same functionality, allowing you to View Related Jobs.

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