Generating reports using lead data will help you capture vital information about your sales pipeline, lead generation and much more.

Reporting in Buildertrend is universal, meaning that if you know how to run a report on one feature, you will be able to generate a report for all features.

To generate a report, you will need to use a combination of your Filter and Grid Settings.

Your Filter can be found above your grid. You will use the filter to tell Buildertrend what information you would like to see.

Once you have created a filter, you are able to save the filter for future use by selecting Save Filter.

Once a filter has been saved, you can toggle between your different filters.

Your Grid Settings control how you would like to view the information. Select the gear icon to begin customizing.

Columns can be removed or added, expanded as well as dragged and dropped around to completely customize the way in which you view the information your Filter has presented.

As with filters, you have the ability to save your grid settings for future use. Edit the title, and select Save as New to save this new view. You can make this view your default and even private as well.

You can toggle between the different views on the left side of your grid.

You have the ability to export this information to Excel by selecting the download icon above your grid.

Buildertrend also has a reporting feature under the Reporting header. Only administrators on the account have access to this feature as it pulls data from your entire Buildertrend account. Within the reporting feature, various reports are readily available for you to view. This will give you a great module to see a more visual representation of the health of your business. Select Run Report to pull data into the report.

Leads Map

The leads map is a great tool to see where your leads are coming from as well as which communities you have or have not yet established a marketing presence.

You can toggle between a standard map as well as a cluster map. Both options will present a visual of where your leads are.

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