Emailing leads with an informal system requires you to manage and keep all correspondence within your chosen email provider. With this method, it is easy to misplace or accidentally delete emails.

Using Buildertrend to manage your lead emails will not only log them in the system for reference, but you have the ability to send emails to one or more leads at a time. You can also automate emails to send at specific dates and times in the future.

Start by navigating to the Lead Opportunity tab from the Sales header.

From here, click the plus icon to the left of the lead to quickly create a Lead Activity.

At this point, click the Attach an Email tab at the top. You can either compose the email online using a Buildertrend Message, or Attach an External Email. Please note, to use an external email, you will need to save the Lead Activity first.

Next, compose the message as you would normally compose an email.

Navigate back to the General tab to tell Buildertrend when to send the newly created message.

Click Save in the top left to queue the email to send at the designated time.

To send emails to multiple leads, select the checkboxes to the left of each lead.

Then select Email Lead Opportunities from the Checked Actions dropdown.

Choose if you would like to send the email now, or set a designated time.

Select how you would like to compose the message.

Finally, compose the message and then click Send in the top left.

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