Creating proposal templates for your sales team will streamline your contract generation, allowing you to get your contracts out to your prospects much quicker than your competition.

By already having the proposal formatted, your team won't need to worry about anything other that entering the appropriate numbers into the proposal, leading to quicker contract generation. 

Proposal templates can be created within the Sales tab.

Lead proposal templates can be created from existing proposals by selecting the Copy to Proposal Template option to the right of the proposal.

You can create a proposal template from the Proposal Templates tab as well. Select New Proposal Template to begin. Please keep in mind that you have the ability to default the look and display of your proposals by updating your settings.

To import a proposal template, within a lead's Proposals tab, select Import Proposal.

Select the from the proposal templates you have saved as well as what you would like to copy from the template. Select Import Proposal to import the proposal template into the lead.

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