Based on the role that has been assigned to any given user, that user will have permissions that dictate lead access and functionality within the Sales module.

Based on access, the user may or may not be able to see all leads, export lead data as well as see the Sales module as a whole. This will help keep your project manager's dashboard clean if they do not need to worry about leads as they will not even see the Sales module.

Begin by selecting the Internal Users tab.

Within the Permissions tab, the Sales area is where you are able to find the permissions that pertain to access and functionality for the lead management aspect of the platform.

Under Access, View allows this user to see the Sales tab and, by default, see their own leads as well. Add allows this user to add new leads to Buildertrend. Edit allows this user to edit lead information. Delete allows this user to outright delete lead information from the program.

The permissions to the left allow for added more administrative functionality. Assign Salesperson allows this user to assign another salesperson to the lead, giving the salesperson access to the lead. View Other Salesperson Leads & Activities allows this user to see all leads, even if they are not the salesperson for that lead. The Convert to Job permission controls the ability to convert a lead to a job. The Export to Excel option controls this user's ability to export lead information to an Excel spreadsheet.

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