Determining if leads are hot or cold will help your sales team maximize their efforts. An engaged prospect that is responding to your outreach is much more likely to result in a sale than a non-engaged customer.

Setting up and integrating Buildertrend's Click Tracking feature with lead emails will be a tool for you to use that helps measure lead engagement. You will be able to not only see what links the lead has clicked but also how many times as well as when the links were clicked.

This information will help you see how prospects are responding to your marketing, allowing you to measure engagement. Engaged prospects are great candidates for a quick follow up, hopefully leading to a sale.

Help Video:

When putting together an email in Buildertrend, you are able to include clickable links to third party websites.

From the toolbar, you are able to expand to reveal additional features. Select the Link feature.

You can copy/paste a URL into the URL field, as well as create clickable Display Text.

Your email will look something like this:

When the email is received by the lead, if they click the link they will be taken to the URL that you have programmed.

This action will be logged for your records as a clicked link. This information can be found by clicking the lead activity and scrolling to the bottom.

Information can be found on your grid as well. You can enable columns related to click tracking from your Grid Settings Gear Icon above your grid.

You can add the Activity Links Clicked option, as well as display the Last Activity Link Click.

This will add columns to your grid and will help you measure lead engagement.

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