In order to alleviate duplicate entry of information, you are able to easily copy general information, files and proposals directly from the lead when converting to a new job.

Start by navigating to the Lead Opportunities tab within the Sales header.

From here, select a lead. The Convert to Job drop down can be found at the top of the Lead Opportunity Details screen. Converting the lead to a New Job from Scratch will allow you to use lead information to create a new job.

This process will allow you to select the Type of job, as well as mark the lead as Sold, if you would like to.

Also, the conversion process will allow you to:

  • Copy all lead information

  • Establish your QuickBooks or Xero links, if integrated

  • Copy the lead proposal data and convert it into the estimate for the job

Save in the top left to proceed with the creation of the job.

You can also utilize the New Job from Template option, and this will allow you to start the job using information you have templated within Buildertrend.

Finally, you can also link the lead opportunity with a job that has already been created.

Simply select the job and then repeat the steps mentioned above.

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