Buildertrend's Time Clock feature can be implemented immediately. It is easy to clock in using the mobile application and get going with your day. This will make sure time is accurate and company job costing is as accurate as possible.

You have the ability to clock in using specific labor codes and rates to make tracking job costs easier. Creating a geofence around the job site will ensure your team members are clocking in and out on site.

Each Internal User must have their own Buildertrend credentials in order to clock themselves in.

As you initially log in, you can clock in directly from your summary page.

At this point, you can select which job you are clocking into. If this shift is not tied to a specific job, you can set the job to General. This will record the shift in Buildertrend’s General tab. The User field will automatically default to you.

You have the ability to add more information to the shift. You can select a Cost Code to clock in under. This will help record job costing details. Tags in the program give you additional reporting opportunities as you can create and use tags for your own unique situations. You can create tags using the Plus icon next to the Tags field. You can enter any additional Notes about this shift, as well.

When ready to clock in, you can do so by tapping Clock In in the top right. When you clock in, it drops a location pin where the user is clocking in from. The location is tracked only when users clock in and out. Location is not tracked during the shift.

Based on your permissions, you may be able to clock in other users other than yourself. You can navigate to the Time Clock feature at the bottom of the screen.

From the Ellipses in the top right of the Overview tab, select Clock In Users.

Tap the Users field, and this will allow you to select multiple users from the list. This will allow you to clock in an entire crew at once, for example. The rest of the process to clock in is the same workflow as stated above, such as selecting the job, the cost code, etc. Once users have been clocked in, multiple users can be clocked out, as well, from the Ellipses in the top right of the Overview tab.

When clocked in, the Take Break allows you to pause your shift. When on a break, the Take Break button will change to End Break. This will allow you to resume the shift. Clocking out will end the shift.

Based on your permissions, the Shifts will give you a list of all shift information, including your own as well as other users.

Finally, the Map tab will display all clock ins/outs on a map.

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