Mismanagement of Change Orders can lead to significant financial loss. Managing Change Orders within Buildertrend ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. In one place, change orders can be documented and signed by your customer, confirming their agreement to the added labor and material.

By installing Buildertrend's mobile application, this gives you and your team access to all features from the field, allowing users to create, manage and get customer signatures on change orders on the go. Change Order invoices can be sent to your customer at any time.

To begin, navigate to More in the bottom right.

Expand the Project Management Drawer and select Change Orders.

If you do not have a single job selected, all Change Orders will be displayed. Tap the top of the mobile application to select a specific job.

To add a Change Order, tap the Plus icon in the top right.

Fill out all the information you would like to capture on the Change Order.

Finally, after saving, you can manually Approve the Change Order, Decline, Release the Change Order to your active customer for approval, as well as Delete the Change Order at the bottom.

Approvals can be made from any computer, as well as the mobile device.

Help Video:

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