Managing your daily, weekly and monthly tasks is an integral part to ensure your deadlines are met. Utilizing To-Dos will not only clarify which person is taking care of what tasks but it will also assist in holding users accountable if deadlines are missed.

By installing Buildertrend's mobile application, this gives you and your team access to all features from the field, allowing users to manage and update tasks - immediately communicating the information with team members at the office.

To-Dos in Buildertrend can be assigned to internal users as well as customers and trade partners. By assigning a To-Do, you save time in reducing the amount of phone calls and emails that need to be sent while also providing a single platform in which all tasks can be managed.

After logging into the mobile application, To-Dos can be accessed from the initial Summary screen.

The To-Dos feature can also be selected by navigating to More in the bottom right.

From here, To-Dos can be found within the Project Management Drawer.

When adding a To-Do this way, tap the plus icon in the top right.

If you do not already have a job selected, you will do so now to ensure the To-Do is associated with the appropriate job.

When creating a To-Do, a Title and Notes can be added at the top to offer a description of the To-Do.

If there are multiple action items that need to be taken care of, Checklist Items can be added a bit further down the page.

Once added, tap the Checklist Item to add more information.

From here, the individual Checklist Item can be assigned and Attachments can be added. Tap Apply in the top right to apply any change to the Checklist Item.

When there are multiple Checklist Items, the items can be reordered by navigating to the Reorder Items tab, then tapping and holding the Three Bars to the right of the item. This will allow you to drag the item to a new location within the checklist.

Checklist Items that have been marked as completed are located at the bottom of the checklist.

Below the checklist, you can establish the Deadline. The Deadline can be a date that you set manually, or you can toggle the Deadline to be linked with a schedule item. This allows the Deadline to be automatically updated as the schedule shifts.

Below the Deadline, you can set the Priority status of the To-Do, add Tags, as well as set an automatic Reminder that will be send X amount of hours or days before the Deadline of the To-Do. General Attachments can be added at the bottom, as well.

Finally, Checklist Items, and the To-Do, as a whole, can be marked as completed by tapping the Checkbox associated with the Checklist Item or To-Do. This will help keep all team members on the same page.

When managing To-Dos, you can filter To-Dos at the top to help narrow the scope of what you're looking for.

When you tap a To-Do that has already been created, you will be able to complete checklist items, complete the To-Do entirely, as well as leave Comments and RFIs.

You can Edit the To-Do by tapping Edit in the top right.

Also, you can tap any assigned user to get more information. This will allow you to call or email the selected assigned user directly.

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