Documentation is paramount to ensure nothing is missed and all events are recorded. Whether created once per day or multiple times throughout the day, Daily Logs ensure that your company has site updates tracked.

By installing Buildertrend's mobile application, this gives you and your team access to all features from the field, allowing users to create Daily Logs and document information as events and updates occur.

Information captured in a Daily Log can be kept internal for you and your team but can easily be shared with your customer and trades to keep everyone up to date. By sharing a Daily Log, you save time in reducing the amount of phone calls and emails that need to be sent.

Daily Logs can be viewed within the Summary.

You can quickly navigate to the Daily Logs feature at the bottom, as well.

From here, you can access previous Daily Logs, as well as create a new Daily Log using the Plus icon in the top right.

When adding notes to a Daily Log, you can use your device's Talk-To-Text functionality to quickly record the information you're looking to capture.

Photos, Documents, and Videos can be attached to the Daily Log, as well, to help keep daily job reports and files organized within the Daily Log.

When attaching Photos, a photo can be taken by tapping the Camera icon in the bottom left.

If the photos have already been taken and are on your device, you can select which photos to upload directly from your camera roll. Tap Done in the top right to proceed with your selection.

At this point, you can tap the Pen icon to add any annotations.

This will allow you to pull up your pen and highlighter tool to add annotations to the photo.

Tags allow you to track extra data for reporting purposes, as well as adds an additional layer of organization. Please refer to Commonly Used Tags for some examples.

Weather can be included, as well as you can determine who has access to the Daily Log. Share means that access has been granted to view the Daily Log, whereas Notify means that notifications will be sent out as a prompt to let individuals know that this Daily Log was posted.

The Private option means that only the person who created the Daily Log has access to it. This is a great way to have something on record, but keep it private. Share grants access to the Daily Log, and Notify will send a notification prompt to view the Daily Log.

When accessing a saved Daily Log, information can easily be viewed by selecting the Daily Log. To make an edit, tap Edit in the top right to make updates to the Daily Log.

After a Daily Log has been saved, a To-Do can be created directly from a Daily Log to help quickly address any actionable items. Comments can be added, as well.

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