Things change and sometimes the team or trades you have working on one project will not be the same for the next. However, this unknown variable doesn't need to slow you down when managing a job or template.

What are placeholders?

Placeholders are unknown subcontractor or internal user profiles that you'll use in your template or job until the actual users are determined. When starting a job, you'll want to create a placeholder for each unknown role type you require until it's assigned.

Why use placeholders?

Using placeholders saves you time and makes you more agile when creating a template or adjusting assignments on a job. They are particularly useful when managing templates, so you can avoid leaving fields such as schedule items or to-do's unassigned.

How to use placeholders

The easiest thing to do is create a placeholder for each role type in your organization. These placeholder users will not need to be invited or have an active email. Placeholders can be applied to any feature where the "assign to" option is available.

💡 TIP: Use the "ZZ" nomenclature to keep these placeholder users at the bottom of your lists.

You'll do the same for your placeholder subs.

☑️To create placeholders, you'll need to have the permissions to create new internal users and subs.

How to edit assignments

Assignments can be reassigned from a placeholder to an actual user via the Job Details page.

Items can be reassigned from:

  • Internal user to internal user

  • Sub to sub

  • Reassign from a placeholder to an actual internal user or sub

  • Reassign from an internal user or sub to a placeholder

Example: When creating a job or template, you may not know who the trades or internal users will be and what tasks they will be performing throughout the project. This functionality allows you to assign items to a placeholder (i.e. painter, plumber, electrician, etc.) as opposed to an active user or sub, which leaves items unassigned. Once the actual users or subs are identified or contracted out, you can then transfer all items from the placeholder to the active user or sub within the job.

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