The purpose of having a cloud-based project management software is to have a single platform to collaborate with your team, share information and automate notifications to job updates to alleviate additional emails and phone calls. Using Buildertrend to collaborate with your trades helps formalize many day-to-day processes that occur.

While your trades do not need to be active in the system, your inactive trades do not have the full functionality of Buildertrend. Inviting your trades to participate in Buildertrend with you is quick and easy. Each trade will be able to set up a username and a password, unique to them, that will allow them access to Buildertrend - both online and the mobile application.

It is completely free for your trades to sign up to participate with you.

Help Video:

Adding Sub/Vendors

  • Hover over Users silhouette

  • Select + New next to Sub/Vendor

  • Fill in Subcontractor Details

  • Select Save



  • Within the users area, select the New drop-down; select Sub/Vendor

  • Fill in Subcontractor Details

  • Select Save



Activating Subs/Vendors

Inviting and activating subs and vendors allows for easier communication through the system, as well as allows the subs and vendors to see pertinent job-related information.

Sub/Vendor Invitation Process

  • Open Subcontractor Details

  • Under Buildertrend Activation Status, select Invite Sub/Vendor

  • Enter a custom Message for the Sub/Vendor, if applicable

  • Select Send on Save

  • Save



  • Check each sub/vendor to invite on Sub/Vendor grid

  • Select Checked Actions

  • Select Send Sub Invitation



The sub or vendor can then create their own free Buildertrend account or log-in if they are using Buildertrend with other contractors.



Communicating with Subs/Vendors

Once active, sub and vendor communication with you can be accessed and logged in Buildertrend. This allows the you to work out of Buildertrend and easily communicate with subs and vendors, eliminating the need for outside communication of the information entered in the system.


Subs/Vendors Access and Functionality

Subs and Vendors can be added to a job as you organically use Buildertrend. When you assign a sub/vendor to an item, if they do not currently have access to the job, a pop-up window will open that will ask you if you would like to add them to the job at this time.

Job access can be granted by going to Job Info, as well.



Select the Subs/Vendors tab at the top.



Select Edit Viewing Access.

By checking the box associated with the Sub/Vendor, they will then has access to the job once the update has been saved.


When a sub/vendor has been added to a job, a permission wizard will open that will allow you to grant access to a wider scope of job information by checking the additional items in the wizard and selecting Update Viewing Permissions

If you would like the sub/vendor to only have access to what they have been assigned to, select the No Thanks option.


Once a sub has been added to a job, subs/vendors active in Buildertrend will be able to access Buildertrend features to communicate and work with you inside the platform.

  • Bids: You can send bid packages to subs and vendors. An active sub or vendor may respond to that bid package via email or Buildertrend. Subs and vendors do not need to be active in Buildertrend to respond to a bid package via email.

  • Job Info: This provides information to subs and vendors, such as the location of the job, notes, project manager contact information, as well as access to customer information, if permitted.

  • Daily Logs: Subs and vendors are able to view daily logs made visible to them. Subs and vendors can add their own daily logs as well. 

  • To-Do's: Subs and vendors can create and have to-dos assigned to them. Subs and vendors have access to to-dos they are assigned to. They are able to mark checklist items, as well as the to-do as a whole, completed if assigned.

  • Schedule: Subs and vendors can access each schedule item they are permitted to see. By clicking on the schedule item, subs and vendors can view additional details, as well as provide a confirmation response if they are available to do the work in the set time frame.

  • Documents: Subs and vendors can access documents, if permitted. Each sub/vendor has an automatically generated folder, Subcontractor Uploaded Files, where they can add their own documents. This folder is only visible to the builder and the sub/vendor, but the documents can easily be moved to more visible folders on the job.

  • Videos: Subs and vendors can access videos that have been uploaded, if permitted to see the folder.

  • Photos: Subs and vendors have the ability to access photos that have been uploaded by you and the customer, if permitted to see the folder. Each folder can be set to allow subs and vendors to see the folder, as well as allow subs and vendors to upload their own photos.

  • Messages: Tracks all messages the sub/vendor has sent or received within the system.

  • Comments: Shows all comments on permitted items in the system. Subs and vendors can comment on any entity that is visible, as well as share the comment with other subs, vendors and customers, if permitted to do so.

  • RFIs (Request for Information): Subs and vendors can create their own RFIs, as well as be assigned to RFIs in order to provide a response. Subs and vendors can view the RFIs they have access to.

  • Change Orders: Subs and vendors can view approved change orders, if permitted. This only shows the sub/vendor the change order details and attachments. Subs and vendors will not have access to pricing.

  • Bills/Purchase Orders: Subs and vendors will only see Bills/POs that have been assigned to them. If active in Buildertrend, the sub/vendor will be ale to approve the PO, request payment and view all PO details. Active, as well as inactive subs and vendors, have the ability to approve POs via email.

  • Selections: Vendors have access to selection details. You can request the vendor to provide pricing, as well as enter selection choices within a selection, if listed as a vendor. Installers can see selection details of a choice once it is approved. Subs and vendors can be set up as vendors and/or installers on selection choices.

  • Warranty: Subs and vendors can be assigned to service appointments within a warranty request. Once assigned, they can confirm the appointment date and time or request to reschedule when they are sent the service appointment. They can be requested to provide the date and time they are able to do the service work as well. 


Sub/Vendor Communication Options

Within the Subcontractor Details page, the you can provide the sub/vendor additional access within the system.


  • Allow Sub/Vendor to View Owner Information

  • This will allow the sub/vendor to view the customer's name, home phone number, cell phone number and e-mail address.

  • Allow Sub/Vendor to share Comments and Docs with Owner

  • This allows subs and vendors to share Comments with Owners on Daily Logs, Schedule Items, Documents, Photos, Videos, Change Orders, Selections and Warranties. This allows the sub/vendor to share documents with Owners on Change Orders & Selections as well.

  • Allow Sub/Vendor to assign RFIs to other Subs/Vendors

  • This allows the sub/vendor the ability to assign an RFI that they create to any other sub/vendor that has access to the job.


For comprehensive online learning, please visit the Buildertrend Learning Academy.

If you have any questions or require additional support, feel free to chat with us, send an email:, or give us a call at 1-888-415-7149. We’re always happy to help.

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